Alphabet Coloring Pages

Alphabet coloring pages make learning the letters easier for children. Most children love to color.

Just introduce a letter, bring out the crayons and children will naturally absorb what you are teaching.

Each of the preschool coloring pages below includes a large letter and a picture that begins with the specific letter. The pictures are all child-friendly with animals and objects that children will easily recognize.

These preschool worksheets are perfect for preschoolers because the letters are large with lots of coloring space.

When you are finished coloring, look for more alphabet activities at the bottom of the page.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Alphabet Coloring Pages - from A to Z

Simple Alphabet Worksheets

Letter A Coloring Page
Letter B Coloring Page
Letter C Coloring Page
Letter D Coloring Page
Letter E Coloring Page
Letter F Coloring Page
Letter G Coloring Page
Letter H Coloring Page
Letter I Coloring Page
Letter J Coloring Page
Letter K Coloring Page
Letter L Coloring Page
Letter M Coloring Page
Letter N Coloring Page
Letter O Coloring Page
Letter P Coloring Page
Letter Q Coloring Page
Letter R Coloring Page
Letter S Coloring Page
Letter T Coloring Page
Letter U Coloring Page
Letter V Coloring Page
Letter W Coloring Page
Letter X Coloring Page
Letter Y Coloring Page
Letter Z Coloring Page

More ways to learn...

  • Learning can take place anytime or anywhere. While you are out and about running errands there are plenty of ways to find letters. So, go on a letter hunt. Name a letter in the grocery store and see how long it takes your child to find it.
  • Hand your child a cereal box across the breakfast table and name a letter for them to find. The making of any meal typically involves a package with letters.
  • Hand your child a magazine at the doctor or dentist office, name a letter and see how quickly they can find it. This also helps them to sit still when they need to wait. Be prepared... if they are like my children, they may be very excited when they find the correct letter.
  • Look at street signs, store window displays, sale signs, etc.
  • There will be many opportunities during the day to find and identify letters. This also helps children to realize that letters are everywhere!

Simple Alphabet Game

Here’s a fun game after all the letters are learned. Play a variation of BINGO.

Use any type of letter manipulative (letter tiles, foam letters, magnetic letters, etc.). Place a basket in the center of the table.

Write each of the alphabet letters on a small piece of paper and place them in a bowl.

Let each child choose 5-10 letters. Chose a paper from the bowl and call out the letter. If a child has the letter, have them place the letter back in the basket. Continue to call letters until one child has placed all of their letters back in the basket. That child is the winner.

I have played this game with a group of preschoolers who loved the game! We played several times.

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