Alphabet Worksheets

Looking for some fun alphabet worksheets for every letter of the alphabet? Here they are! There are several activities on a single page.

Start with tracing the lowercase letter. Then write the letter to complete three different words. After that, circle the picture that begins with the specific letter. Lastly, circle all of the correct letters.

Lots of activities on one page make learning fun for kids. This worksheet allows the child to see the letter, write the letter and reinforce the letter sound all at the same time.

Use the tracing worksheets as letters are learned or use them to reinforce what has already been learned. Do one, a few, or, over time, all of them!

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Fun Alphabet Worksheets

Lots of activities on a single page.

Letter a worksheet
Letter b worksheet
Letter c worksheet
Letter d worksheet
Letter e worksheet
Letter f worksheet
Letter g worksheet
Letter h worksheet
Letter i worksheet
Letter j worksheet
Letter k worksheet
Letter l worksheet
Letter m worksheet
Letter n worksheet
Letter o worksheet
Letter p worksheet
Letter q worksheet
Letter r worksheet
Letter s worksheet
Letter t worksheet
Letter u worksheet
Letter v worksheet
Letter w worksheet
Letter x worksheet
Letter y worksheet
Letter z worksheet

Prior to alphabet tracing worksheets, I hope you have spent time letting your child write letters in other ways. In shaving cream on the bathroom counter, with a stick in the sand, with assorted writing materials on unlined paper. Once children know how to form the letters, only then should you move on to lined paper and worksheets.

Many times when children first begin to write the letters, they are LARGE! As in, one letter can take up an entire sheet of paper. No worries, this is very common and will work itself out over time.

To get them ready for worksheets, try having them write "Thank You" notes or help with the grocery list. This is one way to show them that writing generally takes place in a limited space.

Also, keep an eye on how they are holding their writing utensil. Make sure the correct pincer grip is formed. Learning to hold a pencil correctly needs to be taught. It is not naturally learned. Using a shorter pencil may help.

Outside of tracing worksheets, do not be overly concerned if your child writes some of the letters backwards. This is also very common with new writers. Keep reinforcing how each letter should be formed and most children will turn their letters the correct way in short order.

Is your child's handwriting messy? Once again, no worries. Many children start out with writing that looks sloppy. Continue to use tracing worksheets so your child learns correct letter formation. Over time, that messy writing may become really neat. Of all my children, the one with the neatest handwriting today, is the one who wrote the most sloppy as a child.

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