Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Color the pictures from A to Z

Beginning sounds worksheets will help children to understand beginning sounds with child-friendly pictures to color for each letter of the alphabet.

Simply choose a letter of the alphabet, then click and print to get started now. Each of the free worksheets shows several pictures. Children are asked to color only the ones that begin with a specific letter. Use one, a few or all of the free printables.

It helps if the children say the name of the picture out loud. Saying the words will help the children to "hear" and understand the sound.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Each worksheet has four pictures that begin with the specific letter. Can your child identify all four?

Letter A Coloring Page
Letter B Coloring Page
Letter C Coloring Page
Letter D Coloring Page
Letter E Coloring Page
Letter F Coloring Page
Letter G Coloring Page
Letter H Coloring Page
Letter I Coloring Page
Letter J Coloring Page
Letter K Coloring Page
Letter L Coloring Page
Letter M Coloring Page
Letter N Coloring Page
Letter O Coloring Page
Letter P Coloring Page
Letter Q Coloring Page
Letter R Coloring Page
Letter S Coloring Page
Letter T Coloring Page
Letter U Coloring Page
Letter V Coloring Page
Letter W Coloring Page
Letter Y Coloring Page
Letter Z Coloring Page

More ways to learn letters and their sounds...

Find the letters of the alphabet in the grocery store. Write the alphabet on paper and have the kids check each letter off when they find it. There are letters everywhere in the grocery store so this will keep kids busy for quite a while. Make it a little harder and have them find the letters in alphabetical order.

Hide alphabet flashcards all around your home or yard. Have your child search for the cards. When they find one, have them say the letter and the sound it makes.

Fill a tray with salt, flour or dry pancake mix. Name a letter and have your child draw it in the tray. Encourage them to also say the sound the letter makes.

Give your child a pack of post-it notes and have them write the beginning sound of household objects and then stick the note to the object. Let them write the letter b and stick the note on the bed. Write a d and place the note on the dresser. This is an activity that kids really enjoy. Do not be surprised to find notes all over the house. Luckily, post-it notes are not super sticky and can be easily removed.

Have a relay to "Find the Letter". Place alphabet letters in a basket. Use flashcards, foam letters, etc. Place the basket in an area that is in a straight line from where you are starting. Say the name of an object or animal. Have your child run to the basket and find the beginning letter of the word you have just named.

Choose three random alphabet flashcards and place them on the table. Allow your child three minutes to find as many objects in the home that begin with any of the three letters you have chosen. They may find several items for one letter. Or... they may find an item for each of the letters.

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