Dolch Sight Words

The Dolch sight words are the 220 most common words and 95 additional nouns in children's reading books.  They are often called sight words because some of them can't be sounded out, and need to be learned by sight. This section includes all the words and activities.

The goal is to have children recognize the words "by sight" without needing to sound them out. Sight words are referred to as high-frequency words as they are the most often used words in reading and writing. Sight words may account for as much as 75% of the words in children's reading material.

The Dolch sight words are divided by levels. This means that if you have a 1st grader, they would be expected to already know and read the pre-K and Kindergarten words.

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Fun with Dolch Sight Words

More ways to have fun...

Sight words represent at least half of the text in children's books. This means that when your child is reading, at least half of the words are known to them. This not only builds confidence but they won't be wasting time attempting to sound out every word. They will only need to focus on the words they do not know. Because they already know many words they are less likely to be discouraged by unfamiliar words.

Plan lots of activities to help your child learn sight words in an enjoyable way.

Need some examples?

  • Lay several sight word cards on the floor. Call out a sight word and have your child swat the correct card with a fly swatter.
  • Make two copies of the cards to play a match game.
  • Write one of the sight words on a sheet of paper and see how fast your child can read the word.
  • Use worksheets where your child can see and write the word.
  • Hide sight word cards around your home. Have your child find a card, read the word and find another.
  • Draw chalk circles in the driveway with one sight word in each circle. Call out a sight word and see how fast your child can run over to stand in the correct circle.
  • Give your child an easy-reader book. (Thrift stores are the way to go!). Allow your child to read the story and circle the words they can easily read.
  • Write several sight words on white paper with a white crayon. Let your child paint over the words to see them and read them.
  • Attach several word cards around a room. In semi-darkness, give your child a flashlight to find a word. If they can read the card, they can have the card. Can your child get all the cards?

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