Fun Preschool Printables

Beginning Sounds Match Game

Free printable beginning sounds match game.

Use fun preschool printables to create a simple beginning sounds match game.

The cards below can be used in a couple of ways. Either let the kids see the cards and have them match each picture to its beginning sound, or flip the cards over and play a regular match game (instructions below the printable cards).

Start by letting the children match the pictures to their beginning sound letters. Give them just a few cards to match as they are learning the letter sounds. As they learn more, have them match more cards. Soon, they will be able to match all the cards without assistance.

Use the blank cards as you choose. Let your child be creative.

I do recommend printing the game cards on card stock and laminating. You want the cards to have a firmer feel and to be able to withstand lots of play.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Fun Preschool Printables - Match Game

Beginning Sounds Match Game
Beginning Sounds Match Game
Beginning Sounds Match Game
Beginning Sounds Match Game
Beginning Sounds Match Game
Beginning Sounds Match Game
Beginning Sounds Match Game

(Polka dot clip art letters purchased from RebeccaB Designs at Etsy.)

How to Play Match Game

This is the easiest of the alphabet games. Make a copy of the free printables you would like to play with. Cut out the cards and laminate them.

Place the cards face down on a table. The youngest person starts first by turning two cards upright. If the cards match they are placed face-up in front of the player. A match is an alphabet letter and the picture that begins with the same letter. If there is no match the cards are placed face down in the same position as they were. Play continues to the left. The game ends when all matches are made. The person with the most pairs is the winner.

For younger children you can place the letters on one side and the pictures on another. Turn one card upright from each section.

Prepare to play a few times. I have yet to meet a child who was willing to stop after one game.

More ways to play... with printable activities.

Lat several of the letter cards on a table. Say either the letter or its sound and have your child find the correct card.

Mix up the letter cards and have your child put them in order.

Encourage your child to say the letter, its sound and the name of the picture out loud. Hearing the sound will always make it easier to learn.

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