Preschool Alphabet Fun

Learning lowercase letters with a dauber! Every letter from A to Z!

Looking for some preschool alphabet fun? Try using a dauber! Give each child a dauber and let them cover up the specific lowercase  letter on the page. Print out a few pages at a time. If they are like my kids, they'll definitely want to do more than one.

The preschool printables below are best used as a child is learning each letter. Once they have seen the letter several times and can tell you which letter it is, at least most of the time.. then bring out the worksheets.

Each page contains 20 letters. Can your child find all 20?

No daubers in your house? No worries... simply have your child color the appropriate square with crayons or markers.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Preschool Alphabet Fun with Daubers

The following alphabet printables will reinforce letters learned and give the child a fun new way to identify letters. There's just something about using a dauber that makes learning letters so much more interesting for a child.

*That's the key to making all learning fun. Find a way to teach that is interesting to the child and they will never see it as a chore.

Letter a Worksheet
Letter b Worksheet
Letter c Worksheet
Letter d Worksheet
Letter e Worksheet
Letter f Worksheet
Letter g Worksheet
Letter h Worksheet
Letter i Worksheet
Letter j Worksheet
Letter k Worksheet
Letter l Worksheet
Letter m Worksheet
Letter n Worksheet
Letter o Worksheet
Letter p Worksheet
Letter q Worksheet
Letter r Worksheet
Letter s Worksheet
Letter t Worksheet
Letter u Worksheet
Letter v Worksheet
Letter w Worksheet
Letter x Worksheet
Letter y Worksheet
Letter z Worksheet

Knowing all of the alphabet letters is fundamental to reading and writing. Here are some fun ways to teach alphabet letters

  • Make alphabet-letter shaped cookies.
  • Place a small amount of flour in a cookie sheet and let kids write letters in the flour.
  • Read ABC books to your child. Each book is different so your child will not be bored. Most libraries have a large selection.
  • Use magnetic letters on the refrigerator. The more kids see the letter, the better their recognition will be.
  • Write the child’s name. Recite each letter in their name for them. This helps children understand that letters form words with meaning.
  • Use sidewalk chalk outdoors. Write letters and have them copy what you write.
  • Sing the ABC song and use alphabet mats so the kids can point to the letters and follow along while singing.
  • Make letters from pipe cleaners.
  • Have letter races. Use flashcards and place several a distance away. Call out a letter and see how quickly the child can bring you the correct letter.
  • Write letters on white paper with a white crayon. Have the kids paint the paper to discover and name the “magic” letters.

There are so any opportunities to teach letters everyday. Just keep the lessons short and fun so your child stays engaged in learning.

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