Printable Alphabet Letters

Looking for large printable alphabet letters? The letters below will work well as coloring pages and can be used for craft projects too.

A fun way to start is to print out the letters of the child's name. Have them color them as they choose and then hang them up for a visual display.

Let the kids color all the letters as they choose... or let them look though old magazines for pictures that begin with the same letter. Hand each child a glue stick and let them paste the pictures on the letter.

OR, let them color their own pictures on the letters.

OR, decorate the letter with an object that begins with the same letter. Look below the letters for lots of ideas...

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Letter A Coloring Page
Letter B Coloring Page
Letter C Coloring Page
Letter D Coloring Page
Letter E Coloring Page
Letter F Coloring Page
Letter G Coloring Page
Letter H Coloring Page
Letter I Coloring Page
Letter J Coloring Page
Letter K Coloring Page
Letter L Coloring Page
Letter M Coloring Page
Letter N Coloring Page
Letter O Coloring Page
Letter P Coloring Page
Letter Q Coloring Page
Letter R Coloring Page
Letter S Coloring Page
Letter T Coloring Page
Letter U Coloring Page
Letter V Coloring Page
Letter W Coloring Page
Letter X Coloring Page
Letter Y Coloring Page
Letter Z Coloring Page

Printable Alphabet Letters - Craft Ideas

Looking for a quick craft idea using the block letters? Have the children decorate the letter with something that begins with the same letter! Lots of ways to do this... just look through the list below to get started!

  • A – Aluminum Foil, Animal Crackers
  • B – Buttons, Bark, Beads, Blue Sticker Dots
  • C – Cotton Balls, Cinnamon, Chalk, Cereal
  • D – Dandelions, Do-a-Dot Markers
  • E – Egg Shells
  • F – Feathers, Finger-paint, Fabric, Felt
  • G – Glitter, Googly-Eyes, Grass
  • H – Heart Stickers
  • I – Ink (with Fun Stamps)
  • J – Dry Jello, Jingle Bells
  • K – Kite Stickers
  • L – Leaves, Lace
  • M – Markers, Macaroni, Marshmallows, Masking Tape
  • N – Noodles, Newspaper Strips
  • O – Oatmeal, Orange Paper
  • P – Pom-Poms, Pumpkin Seeds, Paint, Pipe Cleaners, Popcorn
  • Q – Q-Tips, Quilt Materials
  • R – Ribbon, Rocks, Rice
  • S – Sand, Stickers, Sticks
  • T – Twine, Tissue Paper
  • U – Drink Umbrellas, Arrow Stickers (Up)
  • V– Vines, Violet Paper
  • W – Wagon Wheel Pasta, Watercolor Paint, Watermelon Seeds
  • X – Letter X stamp
  • Y – Yarn, Yellow Paper
  • Z – zig zag, zoo animal stickers

Letter recognition is the first step in learning to read. There are many ways to introduce the concept of letters to children. The fact that letters are everywhere makes it incredibly easy. First off, read to your child. Beyond that, look for letters everywhere in your environment, especially if you and your child are out and about. Examples? Street signs, grocery stores, magazines in doctor and dentist offices are great ways to identify letters. Lastly, use flashcards and worksheets. Keep all lessons short but regular. The more often a child sees a letter, the more likely they are to remember it. Once children can identify the letters and their sounds, they can move on to connecting the individual sounds to form written words.

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