Word Families Worksheets

Word families worksheets will help your child understand that there are chunks of words that can be read without having to sound them out each time.

Learning to read can feel like a monumental task with an incredible number of steps. When children understand that there are families of words, it makes it easier to see the predictable pattern in words and to read in general.

Once a child learns to read the word all, for example, one added letter can create ball, fall, hall, mall, tall and more. Learning the word families will make it easier for children to read.

Review the word families with your child using these free printable worksheets. Cut and paste activities are seen as  fun for kids. Scissors and glue will capture your child's interest. There are 9 different sets of worksheets covering 36 word families.

To print, simply click on the printable of your choice. This will open the file in PDF format. Please keep all copyright information intact.

Word Families Worksheets

The free worksheets below are in two parts. One worksheet has spaces for  4 of the word families. The other worksheet shows 16 pictures. Cut out all of the pictures and paste them on the first worksheet. There are 4 pictures for each of the word families.

Have the children name the pictures out loud to make it easier. The answer key is on each page of pictures. Remove the key before giving the word family worksheets to your child. In fact, what I did, was give my child the pictures and let them cut them all out before giving them the worksheet with word family squares.

Why is learning about word families important?

Word families help children to move beyond sounding out each letter. Then as they move through the grades and find unfamiliar words, they can look to see if the new word includes any of the prior learned word families. It is, actually, what adults do all the time upon seeing an unfamiliar word.

Word recognition is an important tool when learning to read. The more words that can be instantly recognized, the more fluent the reader. Word families have an important role in teaching children to recognize chunks of words. Once children recognize the pattern, they will have a much easier time learning to read.

Once children learn all of the most common word families, they will be able to decode around 500 words. This means that learning the word families greatly increases a child's reading vocabulary and will help them to feel confident as a reader.

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